About Us

Santa Fe Drive Redevelopment Corporation (SFDRC) is the sister organization of NEWSED Community Development Corporation. NEWSED’s primary focus has been to solve long-term economic problems in disadvantaged communities by securing and coordinating resources for neighborhood revitalization, developing needed shopping areas and services, fostering minority and neighborhood business ownership, job retention and creation, business development, increasing home ownership and affordable rental opportunities, neighborhood organizing and leadership development, human services and hosting cultural events and activities that showcase the La Alma Lincoln Park neighborhood’s predominately Hispanic heritage.

It is through SFDRC that NEWSED administers West Denver’s only Business Support Office creating opportunities for city administered loans and providing a variety of support services for Santa Fe Drive businesses and businesses looking to locate to the area. SFDRC also conducts bi-monthly/free to the public business workshops and operates a business incubator program called The ZONE Business Connection Center.

If you are a business looking to move to Santa Fe Drive and would like an individualized consultation please contact Veronica Barela at 303-534-8342 x 102 or vbarela@newsed.org.


NEWSED and the City of Denver’s Office of Economic Development were responsible for the creation of the Neighborhood Business Revitalization (NBR) designation area on Santa Fe Drive between 5th  and Colfax Avenues.  This designation made local businesses eligible for low-interest loans from OED for working capital, fixed assets and facade renovation. As a result of this NEWSED created Santa Fe Drive Redevelopment Corporation (non-profit merchants association) in 1979 and began the revitalization of the Santa Fe Drive strip.  This was done to upkeep the integrity and architecture of Santa Fe Drive, the Gateway into Denver.  In addition a façade program was implemented in conjunction with architectural guidelines. This endeavor along with NEWSED’s events opened the doors for over 350 businesses to locate on Santa Fe Drive creating in excess of 3000 jobs.


Santa Fe Drive Redevelopment Corporation’s accomplishments are extensive and evident on Santa Fe Drive and throughout the West Denver community. A snapshot of the prior three years shows more that 600 businesses assisted through the above described programs. Santa Fe Drive businesses continue to grow and many have either expanded their operations or moved to the area as a result of assistance.